Schools Supporting Sustainability

Roosevelt HS Urban Farm

Schools Supporting Sustainability

Everyone deserves access to healthy spaces, choices, and activities. Sustainability is, at its core, an issue of equity. Reducing our carbon foot print, increasing energy efficiencies, and building environmentally responsible infrastructures is the legacy we owe our children and future generations. To do this, we must focus on:

  • Urban agriculture Fully implement our  farm to school lunch programs, which includes supporting local growers and innovative ways to grow year round, like hydroponics, in our cold Minnesota climate.
    • Increase access to community gardens on school properties.
    • Reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing local, fresh, in season foods.
  • Sustainability as a right, not a privilege Ensure that your zip code does not determine the quality of air that you breathe, water that you drink or whether you have access to healthy food.
    • Invest in rooftop solar gardens on more public facilities.
    • Promote capital investments for new construction, renovations and improvements that are sustainable and meet rigorous energy efficiency standards.
    • Continue to expand our composting and mixed recycling efforts in all schools.
    • I successfully advocated to remove toxic tire mulch from all of our playgrounds 2018-2019 and implement 30 minutes of recess for all elementary schools.
  • Developing the capacity for Minnesota to implement more aggressive sustainability standards Identify and increase educational pathways beginning in high school that focus on sustainability and clean energy career fields.
    • Increase community outreach efforts that help educate families on more sustainable practices.

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