Minneapolis DFL City Convention 2018

The Minneapolis DFL City Convention was held Saturday, May 12, 2018, at North High. Thank you to Alicia Bennett, former Mpls DFL Chair, and the volunteers who were supporting her efforts to pull this convention together. As the incumbent At-Large School Board Candidate, I am disappointed but not discouraged that I did not receive the DFL endorsement. I will continue to dispel the disinformation campaign launched against me by MFT leadership and ed reformers. That is why I am sharing my speech and a letter (attached below) in response to some of the misinformation.

I also want to share a few reflections about the convention process in order to better understand why there was low turnout. This process of representative democracy requires participation. There were over 1300 delegates and alternates who volunteered at caucuses in February for the City Convention. Less than half attended the convention, with only 464 casting a vote in the first ballot for At-Large School Board. This is barely 1% of the population of Minneapolis. It may have been a variety of factors, including holding the event on Mother’s Day weekend and the fishing opener. It also may have been the lack of candidate contact with delegates. The Candidates seeking endorsement received the delegate and alternate list Friday, May 4, 2018, one week before the convention. I strongly believe that the divisive rhetoric and negative campaigning by some discouraged participation.

I appreciate everyone willing to participate in the caucus/convention system to endorse candidates. However, when so few show up, what does that say about our current practice? I am looking forward to having many conversations over the next few months about what Minneapolis voters want to see happen moving forward to ensure their voice is represented in our DFL process and on the Minneapolis Board of Education.