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    • MPS Board of Education, 2011‐2018
      • Internal Board Committee Work
        • Board Chair (2017)
        • Board Treasurer 2013-2016; Chair of the Finance Committee (2013-2016); Chair of the Policy
          Committee (2011-2013)
        • Committee Work:
          • Teaching & Learning (2011-2014); Community Engagement (2011-2014; 2017-18); Policy
            (2011-2014; 2017-present); Audit (2011-present); Finance (2012-2017); Equity and Diversity
            (2011); Superintendent Evaluation (2013, 2017-present)
    • External Committee/Task Force Work:
      • 180 Degrees Board Member 2017-present; 180 Degrees Vice Chair, 2018-present; 180 Degrees Development Committee Chair
      • Achieve Minneapolis Board Member 2017
      • MnEEP Board Member 2017
      • Board Representative for Assoc. of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD) (2011-2016)
      • AMSD Executive Board Member (2013-2016); AMSD Chair (2015-2016)
      • Board Representative for MN School Board Association (MSBA) (2012-14)
      • Board Member National Assessment Governing Board (2012-present)
      • Chair, Research and Dissemination Committee, NAGB (2015-present)
      • Vice-Chair, Research and Dissemination Committee, NAGB (2014-2015)
      • Member NAGB Parent Summit Planning Committee (2011-2012)
      • Member NAGB Assessment Literacy Task Force (2013-2015)
      • Presenter, 2015 NCME Conference
      • City Planning Commission Board Representative (2013-2017)
      • Member Minnesota School District Liquid Assets Fund (2014-present)
      • Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Committee (2015-present)
      • Member of the City of Minneapolis Comprehensive Plan Research Team (2014-2016)
      • MN Dept of Education Educator Quality Task Force (2016)
      • MN Dept of Education Test Reduction Task Force Member (2015)
      • MN Dept of Education Teacher Equity Advisory Committee Member (2015)
    • Professional Conferences:
      • Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) Annual Conference (2011-2016)
      • CGCS Legislative Conference (2012-2015)
      • Minneapolis Community Connections Conference (2014-2016)
      • Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MNEEP) Conference (2015-2016)
      • Network for Public Education Conference (2014, 2015)
      • MSBA Leadership Conference (2012-2014)
      • Shankar Institute Safe School Conference (2014)
      • Mission Impact Council 2015 Summit, Increasing Life Opportunities & Equity with Youth
      • National Service Learning Conference (2012)
      • MN Multilingual, ESL, Bilingual and Migrant Education Conference (2012)
      • Overcoming Racism Conference, Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (2014-2015)
      • Regional Convening of Racial Equity Conference (2014)
    • Volunteer Positions
      • Minneapolis 2008-present:
        • SWHS Men’s Soccer Booster Communications Chair and volunteer
        • District Parent Advisory Council Representative
        • MPS Area C Steering Committee Co‐chair
        • MPS District Title 1 Advisory Council Member
        • PTA Executive Committee, Whittier International Elementary School
        • Site Council Member, Lake Harriet Community School (LHCS)
        • K-5 MPS Literacy Curriculum Adoption Committee volunteer
        • Meals on Wheels Driver; Coordinator, St. Stephens, Edina Meals on Wheels
        • St. Stephens Outreach Committee
        • St. Stephens Altar Guild member (2009-2015), President (2010‐2012)
        • Loaves and Fishes volunteer (2009-2015)
        • Greater Metro Crisis Nursery Childcare volunteer (2009-2011)
        PTA & School 2003-‐2008 in Austin, TX:
        • 2003-‐05 Site Base Advisory Committee member, Canyon Creek Elementary (CCE)
        • 2005-‐06 Hospitality Chairperson, CCE PTA
        • 2004-‐2007 Partners in Education Rep., CCE PTA
        • 2003-‐2006 Carnival/Silent Auction Committee Co-‐Chair, CCE PTA
        • 2006-‐2008 PTA President, CCE
        • 2007-‐2008 Site Base Advisory Committee, Regional PTA, Round Rock Independent School
        District (RRISD) 2006-‐2008 RRISD Safety Committee
        • 2007-‐2008 2nd Vice-‐President, Grisham Middle School PTA
        Good Shepherd Episcopal Church & Community Outreach 2003-‐2008 in Austin, TX:
        • 2003-‐2008 Youth Committee
        • 2007-‐2008 Episcopal Church Women’s Group President (ECW)
        • 2006-‐2007 ECW VP of programs organizing meetings
        • 2004-‐2007 Anderson Mill Barracuda Swim Team Board member
        Singapore 1998-‐2002:
        • 2001-2002 Executive Board Member of the General Committee, Secretary
        The American Club of Singapore
        • 2001‐2002 Co-‐Chair of Fundraising for Young Life Adult Advisory Committee
        • 2000 Event Planner for Election Central, November 2000
        • 1999‐2002 Young Life Leader
        • 1999-2002 General Committee Member, Youth and Family Chairperson
        The American Club of Singapore
        • 1999-2000 American Women’s Association (AWA) Children’s Activity Chairperson, AWA
        Board Member
        • 1998-1999 AWA Children’s Activity Playgroup Coordinator
        Volunteer Positions, Columbia, MO 1992-‐1995
        • 1994-1995 Children’s Hospital, University Hospital -‐ Volunteer in ICU Children’s Daycare
        • 1992-1995 Regional AIDS Interfaith Network -‐ trained volunteer, leader of care team.

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