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Changes to the MPS Calendar, 20192022


Post-Labor Day Start Proposed (SWJournal) ~ Board members Rebecca Gagnon and Ira Jourdain asked Kelly and Superintendent Ed Graff if the district’s hourly employees understand they would have fewer days of work under the new calendar. Chief Kelly noted the head of the ESP union, Shaun Laden, was on the calendar committee. She said the committee talked about reducing the number of “choppy” weeks would be better for hourly employees, because they would have more consistent weeks with a more consistent number of hours.


School Board Candidates Talk Equity at Forum (SWJournal) ~ Gagnon said the policy that would best address the issue [of supporting students with chemical dependency issues] would be ensuring the district has full-service schools, which would include having partners, such as social service agencies, in school buildings. She noted a resolution she introduced this past spring to restore over $6 million to middle and high schools to the 2018-19 budget, adding that the schools were going to cut security and support positions with the funding.

Funding, achievement gaps at issue for Minneapolis school board candidates ~ Achievement gap, budget cuts, and teacher shortage on the table at forum for voters in Minneapolis. 

Yes I’m in support of magnet schools & choice WITHIN Mpls Public Schools , choice that desegregates & offers different learning opportunities for students. We don’t retain and grow enrollment by removing choices & we must grow to be fiscally sustainable.

Four Minneapolis school board candidates debate top issues ~ It was the first of three forums scheduled before Election Day. 

“Gagnon, whose remarks were the most polished during the forum talked about how far the district has come since she was elected on the board in 2010. Gagnon blamed the state and federal for not adequately funding special education and English language learners, noting it’s the one of the main reason the district faces chronic shortfalls year in year out.”


As a member of the Superintendent Evaluation Committee, we are working on a tool to provide feedback to the Superintendent on his last year’s performance. Director Walser and myself are supporting not only including his stated priorities in the evaluation tool (SEL (Social Emotional Learning), MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports), Equity, and Literacy, but Operations of the District which are under our policy and state statutes the responsibility of the Superintendent. “The overall goals of the district when we hire a superintendent are to be in charge of administration, coordination and supervision of the entire school system,” Board Member Rebecca Gagnon said. “We need to ensure that is in fact happening.” 

“I am urging voters to return Rebecca Gagnon and elect Kimberly Caprini to the Board. I am also strongly urging a yes vote on both of the funding referenda.” David Tilsen, former MPS Board Member, Southside Pride Columnist

VOTE TODAY! 39135564_10214781373582622_407895122865291264_n

FRIENDS wishing me the best pre-primary election night!

Community is in full swing this summer with Juneteenth, Somali Independence Festival, Immigration Law Center Gala, 4th of July celebrations, Ice-cream socials, & Pride Parade just to name a few!

Friday, May 25, 10th Annual Mde Maka Ska Canoe Nation Gathering at Bde Make Ska

Friday, May 16-19, NAGB trip to Montgomery, AL


When we were not discussing The Nation’s Report Card, or the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress), we were enjoying the rich history and culture of Alabama and touring schools focused on career pathways.

Pike County Ag High School
The National Memorial for Peace and Justice


Student Voices Matter!

“[Students] were stoked about the resolution and I was so proud of them because it is very constructive. It acknowledges the deficit, it acknowledges other issues, and it acknowledges that there is another committee, and they value that work,” said Gagnon, “They came to me and said “this is how we want to be heard and I was just not going to muck with that.”