Quality Integrated Full Service Community Schools

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Quality Integrated Full Service Community Schools

Everyone deserves a safe and healthy environment to live, grow, and learn. In order for our community to thrive and prosper, preserving diversity in our neighborhoods must remain a focus and fundamental value that guides our policy-making process. As your Citywide School Board Member, I worked to ensure all families have access to quality, integrated public schools. However, my work extends beyond great public education to meeting the unique needs of our students and families, needs that impact a child’s educational experience and academic outcomes. These needs often involved what I consider to be basic fundamental rights ~ affordable housing, quality health care, economic opportunities, fair labor practices, and safe and welcoming public spaces. Our schools must anchor our neighborhoods, provide access to wrap around services that promote neighborhood stability, affordability, accessibility and inclusion.

We express our values by what we protect, nurture, and grow. As your District 6 School Board member, I will champion this work by advocating for:

    • Affordability and Stability 30% of MPS students experience mobility, almost 10% of which move three or more times in a school year. Stability is critical for academic success. I will:
        • Continue to support through policy development  and investments in the Homes for All initiative.
        • Ensure our renters’ rights are protected.
        • Partner with the city, county and state to meet the growing need for quality, safe and healthy affordable housing in Minneapolis.
      • Alleviate the local property tax burden that disproportionally impacts our fixed and lower income households by advocating for State and Federal funding that keeps up with inflation and correcting the underfunding of services we must provide to educate our students receiving Special Education and English Language Learner services.
    • Protecting Local Control State and national change often stems from local grassroots movements. That’s why we must advocate for progressive values and community led initiatives at the local level, such as maintaining Minneapolis’ sanctuary city status. Preserve the ability for Minneapolis Public Schools to meet the unique and diverse needs of our school communities.Remove ALL State unfunded mandates.
    • Addressing Health Disparities Ensure every school in every zip code has clean water, air, and safe spaces to live, play and learn.
      • All of us deserve access to healthy food choices. We must continue our capital investments in improving kitchens at every school to ensure we fully implement our farm to table school lunch program.
      • Invest in chemical dependency counselors at our high schools so we can address drug use and addiction as a public health issues and not a criminal one.
      • Remove barriers to access and inclusion based upon traditional gender norms.
      • Ensure access to services at our school based clinics that address the specific needs of the transgender community, like the work of the MN Transgender Health Coalition.
    • Decriminalizing Poverty and Criminal Justice Reform The criminal justice system wrongly treats children as adults and we have a responsibility to work with partners to provide necessary supports to keep our students out of this system.Incarceration is not a replacement for mental health support systems. Our students deserve more school based mental health and chemical dependency professionals, trauma informed care, and social workers who are culturally responsive and reflect the lived experiences of our diverse student body.Restorative practices should be the default response to non-violent behaviors.Support community policing efforts, including how we structure our School Resource Officers, that engage community experts with beat cops and peace officers that protect and serve the community.Partner to provide opportunities for pathway programs for students to enter the police force out of high school, working in their own community that they know and value.
    • Transform MPS with the Full Service Community School Model Address the issues mentioned above by building community partnerships to support the unique needs of our schools.
      • Fund the work of community partnership facilitators to nurture, develop, secure and retain partners to meet the diverse needs of our students and school communities.
      • Do a full audit of the needs in our schools, including the space required to co-locate partners within our school buildings.

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